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AppPass gives members get access to a bundle of great apps for one low monthly subscription.

Add your SaaS to AppPass and receive a revenue share every month - without spending a cent.

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How it works

Add your SaaS to AppPass and unlock new revenue

For every user who uses your app via AppPass, you'll receive a portion of their subscription fee.

Sign up to AppPass and register your app.
Add a Sign in with AppPass button to your app. This works just like any other OAuth login such as Google or Facebook and only takes a few minutes to integrate.
Sit back and relax as AppPass brings you new paying subscribers on autopilot.
Sign in with AppPass

How it works

New subscribers, new recurring revenue.
Zero cost, zero effort.

Endless new subscribers

An AppPass subscription gives members access to a bundle of exciting software from the worlds best startups, bootstrappers and indie developers. Our members access your app via the 'Sign in with AppPass' button added to your SaaS.

Recurring revenue

Each time an AppPass member uses your 'Sign in with AppPass' button, you earn a portion of their subscription fee. This share is calculated and paid out monthly, continuing for as long as they remain a AppPass member.

Easy payouts

At the end of each month the number of members who signed into your app is added up and their subscriptions shared equally between all the apps they used. You are paid straight into your bank account via Stripe Express.

Easy integration

Adding your app to AppPass is quick and easy, especially if you already have social logins like Google, Twitter, or Facebook. AppPass is built on widely-supported OpenID Connect protocols, making it compatible with most software frameworks and platforms, ensuring a smooth integration process.

No long-term commitment

You maintain complete ownership of your app and have the freedom to develop it, attract more users, and increase your earnings in any way you choose. Consider AppPass as an additional marketing channel or source of income. It's still your app, but now with many more customers

By developers, for developers

We are a team of proudly self-funded founders committed to building an exceptional platform that helps SaaS businesses thrive. Our goal with AppPass is to enable growth and success for your SaaS without demanding excessive time, effort, or financial investment.

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Frequently asked questions

What is AppPass?

AppPass is a collection of SaaS apps that members can access for one low monthly subscription.

Is AppPass free to participate in?

Featuring your SaaS in AppPass is completely free of charge. There are no costs involved for you to participate."

What is "Sign in with AppPass"?

"Sign in with AppPass" is how users access your app via their AppPass subscription. It works the same way as any other social login such as Facebook or Google.

How much can I earn with AppPass?

Your revenue depends on how many users sign in to your app per calendar month. For each user that signs into your app you get a share of their monthly subscription.

Am I locked in to a contract or agreement?

We understand your concerns about 'vendor lock-in' and 'platform risk' — we're developers too and know these issues well. Let's be clear: you maintain complete control and ownership of your app. View AppPass as an additional marketing avenue or a new source of revenue. It's still your app, now reaching many more customers. You are free to upgrade your users to different plans and upsell other products and services outside of AppPass in any way you wish.

When is AppPass launching?

AppPass is coming soon. Register now to be among the first apps featured.

How do I join AppPass as a subscriber?

Check out our member page for more information.

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